House numbers

I’ve been adding house numbers to my area for a while now but I’m starting to find certain houses that I don’t know how to map.

In various places small groups of terraced housing have been demolished and new ones put up, usually with a new “road name”. This results in a house that belongs to two roads and has two numbers. An example is here, Half way along Nelson Street, numbers 61,63 and 65 were replaced with 1,2 and 3 Hamilton Cottages. A reference on the internet confirms it as having two house numbers

How should this be mapped??

This is difficult, but I’d still associate the addr:housenumber with the street. It’s not clear what ‘Hamilton Cottages’ is, but it seems to be a themed set of buildings, a sort of micro hamlet. This is similar to a multi-story building, where the building address has a street address, and the building has a name.

The only way to record the Hamilton Cottages part would be a landuse = residential tag with a name - I’m not sure if this will work if it’s nested though.

I had a similar problem that I raised here (?id=5146 works too, curiously)

I was more bothered about rendering on a map, but the suggestions may help.

In the end I created an unconnected way and gave it a name