House above place not rendered

I have 2 buildings which are “floating” above a place=square on 5 pillars, but which are not rendered. Only the columns are rendered, because I excluded them from the place.

The bigger building is this one: Torhaus am Aegi, and the place/pedestrian area is Aegidientorplatz.

The house looks like this:

I’ve already set the house itself to layer=1, but the map still refuses to render the house – only the 5 pillars. Same for the bridge building leading to it. Any ideas if it’s something tagging could fix? I don’t want to exclude the houses from the pedestrian area.


What you mean with ‘place’? If the place is a pedestrian area, yes buildings wont render on Carto in this case.

A visit in ID says… a pedestrian area i.e. want to see it, make it inner.


what do you mean with “render”? OSM Carto cannot render this comprehensively, it will give priority to the highways and not take buildings and their layer into account when determining the rendering order for highways, so the building will not be there. Carto works for the general situation, where you will cut the buildings out from the highways, but not when the square extends below the buildings.