HOTOSM Bad communication flow with task comments

Example Scenario.

Person A mapped a task with the addition of a waterway=river.
Person B attempts to validate it. Uncertain why A mapped a river when the imagery do not suggest so. Person B left a comment “@A can you please explain why you think there is a river?”
Person A completely forgot about the task and he cannot visit the task and access the satelite imagery becase the task is locked for validation.

In this scenario, A cannot access the satellite imagery so he cannot response to B’s query. B and other validator uncertain how to go ahead.

Any solution to the problem?

I have no solution if you want to use this specific tool but I would consider reporting it to people maintaining task manager code or to organisation(s) using it.

See Issues · hotosm/tasking-manager · GitHub

I’d suggest using OSM communication tools (changeset comments, etc.) rather than HOT ones. There is no concept of “locked for validation” there.

My experience of doing that hasn’t been particularly positive.


Is there a mechanism by which imagery can only be access through the
task manager, or can the same imagery be seen by everybody in the
standard editor?

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I haven’t used the tasking manager for a long long time, but it used to automatically configure imagery in some cases (aka imagery provided specifically for an activation by one of the imagery providers) which is not necessarily in one of the two imagery configuration repos.

You could naturally do this manually but then you would need to find out what imagery was used and get the URL for it.

Looking from Issues · hotosm/tasking-manager · GitHub it seems that they fix some of reported issues (not checked how many of closed ones are actually implemented fixes raised by people from outside the development team and outside HOT leadership - but at least some are).

Though as of now none of what I reported was fixed.

About 2-3 a week which is a reasonable pace. The focus seems to be on issues internal to the tasking manager as opposed to ones about task manager and systems external to it like OpenStreetMap.

Some of it has been prioritized, so is probably going to get fixed in a reasonable timeframe.

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