Hotel at wrong location

Is there a hotel at 41°28′48.31″N 02°19′14.74″E in the DB? I can’t find one, but it may be I don’t know the right settings. (which claims to be showing OSM data) shows it there, as does but Google has it in the correct location.

If you see it at those coordinates, feel free to delete. I am in the actual hotel and I will add it at the correct location

The one you’ve just created is at . There is no hotel one block to the west. There is a restaurant (“La Iluna”) on that block.

What I suspect you might be seeing is a hotel from rather than from OSM. My recollection is that MAPS.ME shows data as part of a sponsorship deal of some sort (which is fair enough; getting the app to you costs money, and someone’s got to pay for it).

dot or comma is important