HOT Tasking Manager: Monthly update blog - January, 2023

Welcome to the first blog of 2023!

We are deeply saddened to hear about the massive earthquake in Türkiye. In this hour of difficulty, we would like to call mappers of all levels & validators to help complete the tasks set up at Tasking Manager to assist the response teams in earthquake-hit Southern Türkiye through mapping. Here is a list of projects you can contribute to.

And now, Let’s go over some of the highlights from last month. Also, if you missed our previous annual reflection blog, visit this link.

:loudspeaker: So, what happened in January?

We are happy to inform you that the HDYC link has been incorporated into the user’s profile page, leading directly to the HDYC profile for that particular mapper. Since HDYC is a highly valuable source of information about a mapper’s background, this addition eliminates the need to search for the mapper’s OSM username on the site separately.

Moving on, my personal favorite is this one. If you struggle to find projects based on your interests, the new “Filter by my interests” option can be your go-to feature. This option is available in the “More filters” section on Explore Projects page.

And the results will be shown based on the interests you selected on the Settings page like below:

Similarly, a new option is added to the project edit page, which allows reverting the tasks validated by a specific user in the project. More info here.

Test Cases and Dependency updates

Likewise, we have been writing Test cases to measure different aspects of code, both frontend and backend. Writing Test Cases and Dependency updates are integral to system maintenance and performance improvement. So, this will be a continuous process in the upcoming months as an integral part of development. And, if you are wondering about Dependency updates, please check out this article which has quite clear information regarding what dependencies are and why managing dependencies is mandatory.

Update on upcoming Data Quality features for Tasking Manager

After several meetings with teams and working groups, one of the ideas that caught many people’s attention is measuring data quality just before uploading changes to the map. As we process a set of changes, we can display customized warnings to the mappers about the Semantic and Positional Accuracy aspects while showing why it’s essential to map well.

With this new feature, when the user clicks “Upload,” the Tasking Manager will capture the change from the iD editor and send it to a service for further data quality analysis.

If there are any issues, they will be shown on the screen so the user can consider fixing them.

And lastly, below are some other updates whose details can be found in the respective links:

  1. [BUG] Filter by country not working on some languages. #5479
  2. [BUG] Request re-validation not working on some tasks. #5524
  3. Updates to Project styles #5516
  4. Revise designs with figma and responsive user settings #5502
  5. [BUG] The scroll bar on project page doesn’t go all the way down #5517
  6. Handle tab click event to select user handles #5494
  7. Revise popup implementation for task detail #5490
  8. Handle random task selection enforcement on task selection page #5409
  9. Display priority boxes for all priority options #5464.

What else happened beyond updates?

We have completed the first level of categorization/theming for the responses received in the roadmap form. More updates are to be shared in the coming meetup this Wednesday at 9:00 and 15:00 UTC.


Wanna get involved?

• Join Slack: #tasking-manager or Matrix: here

• Visit Tasking Manager Github here to

  • See the progress of a particular month on the GitHub board
  • Request a bug fix or feature enhancement
  • Help us prioritize issues, and feature requests

Upcoming events

  • Monthly collective meetup on Wednesday, 8th February at 9:00 UTC or 15:00 UTC.

Thank you for being a part of Tasking Manager. Will see you in next month’s updates. Until then, keep mapping for people in need.

Namaste :pray:

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Just to be clear, this is about the tasking manager operated by “Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team”, not about tasking managers in general?


yes, it’s you are right :slight_smile: I just updated the title. Does this sound better than before?

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