HOT Activation for fires in Algeria

Dear OSM Community of Algeria,

With our deepest condolences for the deadly fires happening in your country, HOT has Activated our disaster mapping program to fill in missing buildings in the area. This was after a thorough size-up to recognize where existing mapping can already be utilized for the response and how we can best improve the base data in the areas with the most need.

This message is to inform you of our activities, you can find all the Tasking Manager projects here: - make sure you set your filters to show ‘any projects’ to see those which have already been complete. We also invite you to join the mapping coordination efforts on the HOT Slack ( to register) #disaster-mapping channel. You are also welcome to email the HOT Disaster Services Team at to directly contact HOT staff for messages of a more sensitive nature.

We know Algeria will overcome this challenging time, help us make OpenStreetMap the map of choice during this response and reconstruction!