horse_scale tag in androidmaps (for Oruxmaps or Locus)

just wondering if there is any offline map for android that is rendering the horse_scale tag?
Or any garmin (the does not!).

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I’m sorry but don’t know any online or offline. As I have mapped a lot of bridleways I’m interested to see what this key means and what it’s values can be. I’ve searched the OSM wiki but could not find anything. Could you give some more info (a wiki link maybe) on this tag?

Their is a special map for horseriders online att POIs that are improtant for horseriders are highlightet. unfortunaly it does not cover sweden or great britian. (but you will find a nice software tool on the webside that makes it possible to make your own maps for using tham on a hendheld gps).

I use the “Mapping for riders” Wikipage - unfortunely written in German.

I am not so good in writing english. If you want to add an wikipage i can help you with a “raw translation”.

The horse_scale tag is not my invention. The general idear is providing an system like the SAC scal for hiking ways. There was lot of diskussions why and how to categorice the ways. It is not an access tag.

horse_scale=common the normal, do not need to be mapped.
horse_scale=demanding be careful. same parts of the way are demanding. uneven. a samehow safe and outdoortrained horse nessecary.
horse_scale=difficult smal and mayby steep hill at one side. barriers like trees and narrow parts may make it difficult to pass with big hores. Skilld horses and riders can ride here.
horse_scale=critical only for trained horses and riders. verry demanding, normaly the horse will be leded from the ground.
horse_scale=dangerous for normal horses not to manage, but physical possible.
horse_scale=impossible pysical not possible to ride here. (climbing for people or unstable bridge and so on).

Hope that helps you. It would be nice to spreed this. (And sorry for my english).

this is a describtion of the “hiking and bridlemap”.

We have tried to update the english version of the riding wiki.

if you are a native speaker it would be nice to improve it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.I’m Dutch so not a native English speaker :wink: On top of that I do not ride a horse myself. I’ve just mapped the area where the wife does her horse back riding. I’ve made an interactive map with horse related tags. I could add the horse_scale tags (in the “surface tags” layer) if that would be of any help. I’ve checked with overpass turbo. It is used but not very often it seems.

your map looks great. it is verry verry helpfull for me and i have bookmarked it. I have never seen a more useful mapoverlay.

i live here and opend this area in your beautiful map.

If you can it would be great to implement the horse_scale tags - and a special kind of barrier (step_over or stil) some are not possible to use with a horse. They are quit commen in my area.

As a lived a long time in northern germany i understand that your landscape is quit diffrent from here. I lived near Nordenhamn their the land was “build up” and planned. It is completly diffrent to a natural landscape with hills. I do not think that i shall map any way in a horse_scale tag around Nordenhamn, simply because their are no hazards.

but anywho: It would be nice to display the horse_scale tag under the bridleway tags.

Thank you!

Thanks for the cpmpliments. I’ll add it to the map in the next weeks as I’m on holiday right now.