Horeca key ?

Possibility to create a key amenity=Horeca and then add a value (as for example) restaurant=yes etc… ?
Because there are ‘mixtures’ … like for example brasseries(=‘mixture’ of cafe and ‘a kind’ of restaurant) … confusing sometimes …
Simplier, and all the other amenities(cafe/fast food/biergarten/bar/pub/etc…) could then(if one is willing) be added with *=yes
Also simplier for the renders… 1 icon for all HOtels REstaurants CAfes and ‘mixtures’ of them … :wink:

You can add whatever keys you like to OSM, but you can’t expect everyone to understand them. In this case what would most likely happen would be that your data would just get ignored.

What I’d suggest instead is that you tag for “best fit” and if necessary add other keys or other nodes as needed.

For example, there’s clearly a sliding scale between pub and restaurant. At some point you have to make the call which it is most like.

You can tag whatever you want … as long as it is lower case :slight_smile: