History too big


I wanted to see the history of a relation (now this relation is in version 232).
When, in ID, I click on the link for the history, I receive a timeout error message.

2 questions :

  • is it possible to have the history in another way (with ID or another tool) ?
  • is it possible to see not all the history but a part (the 50 last versions for example, or the first 30, or from version 150 to 170) ?

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If you’re interested mostly in tags, then OSM Deep History is the right tool - https://osmlab.github.io/osm-deep-history

Even better, use https://github.com/jgpacker/osm-smart-menu in your browser, navigate to the relation page and choose some options from the toolbar button, including Deep Diff.

Thanks !

I just found other answers on the help.osm :

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