history information and how many edit have been done

How can i get number of edits for a city’s roads?
I want to choose a city to get data. but i need to know that there are enough data and edits.

I found in the wiki.openstreetmap.org about the city: good process.
what does it mean?
I need statistical information.

You could use Mazdermind’s History Splitter to cut a piece of the huge history files for a possible city. Then use Osmium for direct analysis (requires programming) or the History Renderer to import it into a PostgreSQL database. Querying that database will get you the answer. Here’s a good tutorial for setting up the Splitter and Renderer: https://github.com/MaZderMind/osm-history-renderer/blob/master/TUTORIAL.md
You can download continents and some countries from this site:

A much more simple approach might be to just take the number of contributors to a city as a proxy for data quality (contributors devided by population is a decent indicator IMHO). To do that, just use this simple tool: www.itoworld.com/product/osm/

thanks for your complete answer.