Historic Textures from Greece

Hello together,
some people of us are working on 3D OSM.
For this reason we need textures, because 3D models without textures looks VERY poor.
Models withtextures are supported by JOSM PlugIn Kendzi3d.
Example of textured building:

Other teams like osm2word are recently working on the implementation.

The first step for texturing is of course the generation of texture library with very simple, generated, repeatable textures.

Here You can see the first textures made from pictures of different users: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Texture_Library

I wrote also the page wit the instruction how to generate textures from own pictures:


The reason to write You is: There is no architectonic history of Europe without Greece.
You have a lot of important historic architectonic elements: Colums, Windows, doors.

I visited Greece Years ago but i don´t have good enough pictures to make high quality textures for OSM.

Maybe can somebody shot some pictures and email me?

Best regards and thanks in advance!