Hiking vs walking routes


I would like to update the French pages of the Wiki with information about available resources for mapping hiking routes, and possibly with information found in forums about how to map local routes. Ideally this would help to structure a project centered on data released under the recent open data law in France.

However, I found two loosely coupled sets of pages: some gathered around FR:Hiking, others around WikiProject France/Itinéraires pédestres.

I understand that there could be a distinction between French as a wiki language and France as a geographical area. However, it appears that the distinction has roots in the original English pages: some gathered around Hiking, others around Walking Routes.

Is there a rationale behind this distinction? In all honesty, I feel trapped in a maze when I try to navigate these pages :slight_smile:



There is a big thread in the tagging emails lists regarding the “path” tag which is often used for marking a hiking trail. It seems there is a muddle about how to tag/describe hiking trails in general with several conflicting wiki pages on the English side. It does not surprise me if that same muddle exists in wiki pages in other languages.

Sorry I can’t help you out of the maze on the French side as I am caught in the English version of the same maze.

Thank you for your reply. What I’ve tried to do in the French version so far is to start mixing the key words in selected pages, like in “hiking and walking routes”, in the hope that it will encourage future authors to carry on with merging the two sets of pages. I hope that there is not some subtlety I have missed between “hiking” and “walking” that will turn the maze into a minefield.