Highway=track not showing on eTrex 30 with Detail set to Most

I just downloaded a map from garmin.openstreetmap.nl and saved it to my eTrex 30.
When viewing it, I found some tracks that I saw on openstreetmap.org were missing.
It appears the paths that are shown are highway=path, and the ones that are not shown are highway=track.
Does anyone know why these are not shown, and what to do to make them appear?

I dont know why they are not shown, they should.
Can you give an exact link of that track, you can query features on the osm.org map with the right mouse click.

Apologies. When checking for the links of the tracks, I realized the problem was caused by my having selected the wrong map in settings. The eTrex was not using the map I had just downloaded from garmin.openstreetmap.nl, but a different one.

Apologies accepted, it is a known issue that most Garmin maps only render railways on the highest zoom levels, maybe that was the case with your map?