Highway=track near Lago Rosa de Torrevieja, Spain

Hi all

I’m currently editing the area west of Lago Rosa de Torrevieja because a RouteYou user mentioned that a lot of the tracks there are private property. They aren’t tagged that way in OpenStreetMap and an access tag isn’t even used. Since this is a huge area that is otherwise mapped in detail, it got me thinking that maybe ways with the tag highway=track in Spain should always be presumed as private unless specifically stated otherwise or is the fact that all these tracks don’t have the access=private tag just the result of inconsistent mapping? I’m curious to know the answer to this and thanks in advance!


Not at all. If they’re private, an access tag is required. As you mentioned, that’s inconsistent/incomplete mapping.

If you’re around the place and you can determine its access type, feel free to do it. We appreciate it.

Thanks for the answer! I’ll make the necessary edits around the area and keep an eye out for other areas where the access tag needs to be added.