Highway=track from TIGER in North Dakota

While mapping on the 1337RiverProject I came across several TIGER imported highway=tracks in northdakota that according to imagery clearly don’t exist. What confuses me is that they all have names like 36th Street North. Should they stay in the map as some kind of administrative information? I find nothing on that on the Wiki Tiger Fixup page, but maybe overlooked some relevant info.


They are likely roads that were administratively designated (for future development) but never actually constructed. If they do not exist on the ground, they should go away.


In case someone is wondering about the 1337RiverProject… We made a uMap showing ~1300 named waterways in the US that are unmapped (or massively mis-tagged) on OSM.

That’s unless it’s somewhere odd like Maricopa County, where the county commissioners withdrew 60 feet back from the section lines and made them public rights of way even if just “empty desert”
It’s why all the main roads follow the section lines.

I’ve been clearing those out in SD as I go around the state (been doing it for 13 years and still not done lol). Both SD and ND have statewide rural naming schematics, which can be a bit confusing to out-of-staters. If you’re in SD (especially East River) and notice these feel free to get rid of them.