highway=platform, the other use? As a highway for routing.

On a public_transport=platform, polygon, there is the walking line, mostly this is the tactile_paving line, so tactile_paving=yes, can highway=platform be used for this?

Just like the other highway= like path, footway, pedestrian, etc, for routing.



I like to have a routingline over the platform. With the tactile_paving on the exact spot.

There are situations, that a footway ends on a platform and on the other side is goes further.

Routing over areas seems to be poorly handled at present, but my view is that you should not create artificial walking lines over areas.

Marking as tactile paving should be done to indicate the existence of tactile paving. It should be up to judgement of the routing software designer to decide if and when to interpret that as being the best line for a sighted person to follow.

This must be exact on the spot, where it is and need a highway key tag also for routing, on a platform, because of platform, highway=platform?

Important, where it stop and start.

It is not good to say (tag) there is a platform and somewhere on the platform is a tactile_paving, as tactile_paving=yes

I did see the V2 version of public_transport, and was thinking how to fit in highway=platform.