highway=motorway_junction for exit-nodes to rest_areas and services?

Please have a look at https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/6489442950

I want to know if it’s correct to add “highway=motorway_junction” and name=* to the node where a road exits to rest_areas and services of motorways?

I think the Wiki-instructions within the affected tags are somewhat contradictory:

highway=motorway_junction writes: “use it … with junction refs or names where it is possible to exit the highway onto another road”.
highway=rest_area writes: "The exit node to the rest area is mapped with highway=motorway_junction. Add name= in the form “Rest area xyz”. But no ref=* is set"*

The exit to the rest-area of my example just runs towards the rest-area and afterwards back to the motorway again.You can not exit the motorway to reach the lower road network. The exit does not have a name nor a ref in reality like regular motorway-exits to other road network have. It’s just got a signpost written “rest-area” on the node of the exit. (To differ: The highway=rest-area itself has got a name “Rastplatz Pyhrn-Priel Ost” and is already tagged correctly)

What do you think?
Just tag the node of motorway_juntions where we could reach underlying road network? Or additionaly also the nodes of each exit to rest_areas and services only? And if so: give it also a name-tag even if there’s no name nor a ref-number in reality - or just name the rest_area / stations itself?