Highway lost styling

For some reason in my JOSM editor, highways lost the styling it used to has. For example, when I mark a highway=path, I expected dotted lines. Yet every line in the editor is blue now.

How can I fix it?

It’s working correctly for me, using JOSM version 19039. Did you already try restarting your computer and/or reinstalling JOSM? I don’t think I can help beyond that, but others may be able to help more if you post what version you’re using, and what operating system.

Have you checked you haven’t changed the Map Paint Style ?

map paint style right now is JOSM default (active)

resolved the issue by resetting preferences under preferences > advanced preferences > more > reset

Sounds like you activated Wireframe Mode (Ctrl+W).

I hope you did a backup of your preferences in advance. Otherwise, you’d might be lucky and find it in the file preferences.xml_backup in the JOSM config folder. You should backup the file immediately as it could be overwritten if you close JOSM.

the issue came back after I uploaded my first changeset … anyone know how to fix this issue?

This is it! Thank you very much

You are welcome. Please, mark the correct answer as solution. There should be an option with a green check mark under each post.

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