Highest peaks in OpenStreetMap

List updated with data from 4 March.

Top countries this week:

Country No. of changes
United Arab Emirates 9
Singapore 8
Bhutan 4
Yemen 3
Vietnam 2
(23 countries with one change not shown)

Data from 11 March. The tectonic plates just won’t stop moving!

Top countries this week:

Country No. of changes
Yemen 17
Malaysia 5
Vietnam 5
Oman 4
United Arab Emirates 4
Kazakhstan 3
Myanmar 3
Cyprus 2

The thought has crossed my mind to use the OpenTopoMap gradients to enter quite a few missing ele values for named ‘peaks’ in the local
Apennine range (often just named bulges in the mountain area’s) and add source:ele=estimated. OTM shows gradients for every 10 meter change, close enough I’d think, it’s not like getting it exact on K2. That said, hikers today walk around with GPS so know how high they are and where on the map. Someone went about and map ‘peaks’ named after villages, or the other way around, such as Colle Marcone and Colle Rotondo i.e. you find the same name twice on the map in close proximity. Osmose keeps nagging for an elevation value.

Searching longer for altitudes for particular significant peaks on the www has mostly hit not. CAI (Club Alpino Italia) has a huge membership. There’s a dieterdreist-CAI account (no forum account), the same person as the italian moderator. Maybe he’s got an inroad to get things in movement or ‘peak’ the interest.

At any rate, don’t think any of the high points without an ele value will be in the top 100.

If we are speaking about Italy, afaik in some regions you can use the CTR (Carta Tecnica Regionale) which has a contour lines layer (isohypse), and should be much more detailed than color gradients on a global map. It also has precise elevations for lots of points, IIRR.

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List updated with data from 25 March. Lots of movement in Oman!

Top countries this week:

Country No. of changes
Oman 46
Vietnam 19
Yemen 10
United Arab Emirates 5
Sudan 4
Brazil 3
Georgia 3
Iraq 3

Not shown: 12 countries with 1 change each.