High offset compared to GoogleMaps and others AND GPS for Hawaii


OSMs are not correct for Hawaii. Use http://sautter.com/map/ as a resource to view different maps overlayed. Using OSM with GPS therefore doesn’t work for me at all, My position never matches the streets I am driving on but is way off. Therefore, I currently use Google Maps (shame).

Is that a known problem?
Is this related to map projection?
Or is the simply the data wrong?

I have no idea on how to fix the siutation, maybe someone can help and experienced similar things already.

The data is imported from a US government source called TIGER, which is not very accurate in places. You can help by opening your favourite OpenStreetMap editor and realigning the roads to better match the satellite imagery, and fixing any errors.

This has been mentioned before: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=550