hidden city name


I new to OSM so my question is maybe asked many times. I’m stumbling across a city name on the wrong place. When I try to correct it, I can’t find the name anywhere on the map, nor in potlatch or josm. It is “Heemstede”, take a look at http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=52.380198&lon=4.631217&zoom=18&layers=B00FTF. Can anyone give me hint?



If there’s no node with that name in the fascinity then I think it is rendered at the computational center of the way that indicates the landuse=residential + place=city + name=Heemstede (the outline of the city Heemstede so to speak) which is nr 6338154.

The suggestion of Lambertus pointed me in a different direction. There is something wrong with the city boundary of Haarlem, as there is landuse=residential with the name Haarlem. Look sthat Mapnik gets confused, where Osmarender doesn’t. Think, there is where we have to look. I have yet to solve it fully, but am confident we can now.

http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=52.3379&lon=4.5904&zoom=14&layers=B0FT is south of Heemstede. If you search in JOSM for Haarlem (what you don’t expect to find there), you will find the boundary of Haarlem, several km to the south.

the quest continues

later on the day:

I have removed name=Haarlem with the tag landuse=residential and added at the adminstrative boundary name=Haarlem and place=city and for name=Heemstede and place=town

let’s wait and see. Will also ask re-render in Osmarender

Seems to have gone now. Hugo