Hi, we are TomTom - let's exchange ideas

Ook voor herstelacties geldt natuurlijk dat ze evengoed doordacht moeten zijn als elke andere actie :wink:

Hello, everyone

The changesets you’re referring to are indeed reverts of earlier edits the community objected against, and other edits of the same type. I agree however that this is not clear from the changeset descriptions. We have instructed our editors to provide clearer descriptions.

With the exception of these reverts, l do want to affirm that, as I said before, we have paused **all **editing on our “quality check challenges” while we work on improving our processes. This includes making the challenges undiscoverable and improving our documentation (as outlined above.) I very much appreciate your suggestions and willingness to give feedback, and we hope that eventually we can contribute back, in ways that YOU want, to help compensate for your advice and effort toward the betterment of the map.

@Lachgast I will reach out to discuss how we can work together–thank you so much for offering.

And just so we’re clear about Cyient: it’s true that they have worked on the challenges we created (which are available to any user), but they are not making edits on our behalf or at our request. Organised edits made by TomTom can be recognized by the hashtag #tomtom or #tt.


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