Hi There !!

I just thought I would say hello, I am currently mapping Tetbury in Gloucestershire. I still have a bit to do and will then start on the outlying villages then to Avening and Malmesbury.

Hello Kevin and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I’m in Gloucester and have done a little bit of work on your area in the past. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex

thanks for the welcome, I am finding the mapping a little bit addictive and if it wasn’t for the weather I would have done a lot more :slight_smile:


Definitely know the feeling, it’s quite frustrating. I’ve been keeping myself busy with tracing stuff off the new 1:25k out-of-copyright layer. That covers part of the area near Bath, by the way.

Hi Kevin. Welcome! Tetbury hey? You could quickly map the river based on NPE maps (If there’s a footpaths along the river bank you could go out and map it more accurately, but NPE maps are handy as a starting point)

Hi Harry I had a look at the NPE map and I will get that stream done, as I walk pass the source of it on the way to work, So I will mark the bridges and plot the stream :slight_smile:

btw your link points to NPU which is a blank page should be here NPE