Hi all! What's next?


I’m “back to business” after exams month at the university + a week at the Miluim.
What area can I \ we work on at the next week - month?


Good OSM has you back!

I’m not in Israel anymore but of course I will try to help you in the are you starting with.
Following areas are in center of Israel and still missing alot of streets:

Bnei Brak:


Kiryat Hatanei Pras Nobel:

BTW: The Idea of Openstreetmap gets more and more attention. Navigation and travelguide software is just a good example that are used on OSM base.
If you are using a Google Android cellphone there are a lot of application help you mapping.
Its so easy now to add POI :slight_smile:

Just today I learned that the Wikimania 2011 will be held in Haifa.
What’s the situation in the city? Do you think we could organize a meet up there?



I have added all mentioned Hotels to OSM. BTW: They named the Crown Plaza on their map Holiday Inn.
When I was driving through Haifa I remember that the situation is not that bad anymore. The most streets should be covered.

Does anybody know what map they used to show all locations? Its party (streets) the OSM Map but the forest and green area is different than the OSM map!?!?

It seems that it’s an SVG file based on OSM data,
and they added the POIs themselves.


I agree on the POI. But what about the forest that looks different in OSM. And you can see it has a different shape… Where does it come from?

I guess that it was done by hand in an editor.
It’s not a different renderer, as then all forests would have looked the same.
See e.g. the small forest between Keller, Moriya and Sderot HaBroshim:

The SVG file was created on 22 March 2010, and many POIs in that area were added afterwards.

This might be interesting… :wink:

That wikipedia user (Ori) created several maps in wikipedia based on OSM.
Here are some of his maps:


Back to the topic of this thread :

What’s next?

Places that could benefit from a mapping party (hint hint! :wink: ) in yaadetgar’s location:
Ashdod, Ashkelon, Ramle, Lod

(Maybe it deserves a topic on its own, but it’s in the area)
There’s another Israeli project that uses OSM. It’s called addyourpoint.com
Here’s an example in the Yoav Regional Council Tourism Office.
Click on the map, which will take you to this page.


Well, So what about Ashdod and Ashkelon?


Personally, the week starting 15/Aug is good for me, preferably any evening between Sunday through Wednesday.

It’s far enough in the future, and hopefully people could make arrangements to attend.
Maybe we could have a vote on which day is suitable for as many people as possible?


It will be very hard to cover a city like Ashdod and Ashkelon in a one time event. Both cities are in a poor condition.
Just remembering the last event, where it was hard to cover the tiny hod hasharon in the small time frame.

I would recommend a smaller place that can be covered by a one time event.
So my recommendation is LOD.

BUT: I will not attend so my opinion doesn’t count :frowning:

Lod maybe isn’t too big, but it may be more “complicated” for mapping - I think…

After the 15th I can continue Ashdod, the nearest (for me) - I’ve done some of it in the past…

Ok, we need to set an exact date, meeting location, and time.
Please comment on the below.

Options re time: 19:00 - 21:00.
It’s not too short, and not too long, and will give us time to sit somewhere afterward (assuming there are places open in Ashdod after 21:00…)

Options re date:
Sunday 15/Aug
Monday 16/Aug
Tuesday 17/Aug
Wednesday 18/Aug
Please vote.

Options re meeting location:
I’m suggesting somewhere in the center, in Rova HaKirya
How about the corner of Sderot Herzl and Sderot Menachem Begin?
There are several shopping centers and malls near that place, and it’s close to the Central Bus Station.
Please suggest other places, or a recommended place to meet in that area (preferably with free parking)



As it seems now, Sunday will be the best, though I can arrange times for other days.
I don’t remember the parkings on the place, but there’s the Central Bus Station’s mall (with the free parking)…


Ok, Sunday 15/Aug 19:00 it is.

Anyone else is interested to join?

I’ll be coming with a car from the Tel Aviv area, if anyone wants a lift.


I’m in.
What equipment is needed? I’ve got a GPS, a bike and a laptop with JOSM.

I will be arriving from Rehovot by a car.


It seems that those who’ll come are: yaadetgar, dimka, talkat.

We should exchange mobile phone numbers in personal messages.
I’m sending you mine now, please send me yours.

If anyone else is interested, please post here, and/or send a personal message with your phone number to anyone of the 3 listed above.



Sorry for not coming today - my car is in a “musach” in Ashdod with “Rosh-Manoa” (yep…).
I hope I’d be able to join the next meeting.

Hope it went well this time :slight_smile:


My summary:

Attended: dimka and me.
dimka arrived on time, and I was a little late.

19:00 is too early, I got stuck in 2 big traffic jams. 20:00 would have been better.

Must exchange phone numbers prior to the mapping party, so people can call each other and say whether they’re late or not coming.

An hour and 30 mins is more than enough. More than that and it gets too boring to be fun.

A nearby cafe is a must, as it’s nice to sit and talk and compare notes afterwards.
Nice to have a interenet connection.

We were able to cover about 3 neighborhoods each.
dimka was north of Begin, and I was south of it.
In the future, it would be better if we could arrange areas beforehand. Especially if there will be more people in the mapping party.

I enjoyed it, and I’d like to thank dimka for the company.