Hey Guys

Just a short introductory message.
I have been mapping on OSM for some time, namely Chaing Mai and Prasat.
I lived in CM 3 years ago and have recently spent 5 months in Prasat, Surin.

Things didn’t work out with the GF in Prasat so I am now back in CM, with a reliable internet connection.

Living up near Mae Jo Uni atm, lots of smaller roads to be mapped up there.

Cheers for now,


Hi Dui,

welcome to the Thailand forum. I recognized your mapping in Thailand already.

May be you saw already that Gianni (Cibien) is mapping in Chiang Mai too: buildings.

Welcome to the Forum!

maybe we manage to meet somewhere in the future as the last time it did not work out.

There is still a lot of work to do, so your help is appreciated.

It would be great if you could enter the street names in English as well as in Thai. In case the later is a problem please let me know, I think I can help.


Hi Stephan,
Yeah I’ll be here for a while, so next time you’re over we’ll meet for sure.
When I know a street name, I generally add “name=” and fill this is with the Thai name, I also add “name:th” with the same data and “name:en=” with the English equivalent.
I can read Thai to a certain extent, but I also use the following website, which imo is one of the best Thai/English resources on the web.

One of these days I’ll take the bike into CM centre and get pics of the street names there.

By the way, I make my own Garmin maps and I have a very crude .NET application and replaces all “name=” with the data contained in “name:en=”
Mapsource makes a complete mess of the Thai language, it tries to convert into English, but fails hopelessly.
This makes it far more readable, I can read Thai but not quickly enough when driving, it’s easier to have it in English on the map.

Cheers for now.