Help with tagging unconventional recycling materials

Hello, everyone. I’ve come across a charity recycling container that, among simpler to tag materials, accepts used blankets, bedsheets, and towels. None of those are ever mentioned on the wiki page. How should I tag them? Should I just add tags like recycling:blankets=yes and so on? Or maybe I should leave those materials out? Thank you in advance :relaxed:.

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Hi Lenauwu and welcome to the OSM Community!

In the tradition of “any tags you like”, feel free to tag it that way. The wiki page already describes all the “hints” for this topic, so I will leave them out here.

From my point of view, a lot of home textiles can already be thrown in an old clothes bin including clean clothes such as T-shirts, trousers, jackets, sweaters, socks and underwear, hats and furs, shoes, table and bed linen, smaller leather items such as bags or belts, curtains and drapes, blankets, stuffed animals, towels, sleeping bags and much more.
For this reason, I would simply use recycling:clothes=yes, as this already implies a used clothing container, and thus local throw-in rules would have to be followed.


So, I asked around and “used clothes for charity” does indeed seem to imply that the container accepts all those items. I’ll just tag it with recycling:clothes=yes, as you advised. Thanks for your input.

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