Help with Street Cabinet in Vespucci

In iD when we choose Street Cabinet, it asks us gas, electricity, telephone, etc. When in Vespucci it doesn’t ask anything. What am I doing wrong? Yes I know I can fill it in manually but it’s a lot more work.

I think the easiest way is to manually add street_cabinet in the details tab:

Select the + ABC on the top to see optional tags.


Vespucci uses a different set of presets to iD, which explains why you’re getting different suggestions. The Vespucci one simply appears to not be as complete, since it doesn’t suggest that you add the street cabinet type. As mentioned above, you can add the tag yourself then Vespucci will give you descriptions for the options.

Thanks @Discostu36 for correcting my misunderstanding about presets

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It is complete. When creating JOSM presets (that Vespucci is using) you can mark certain tags as optional. Vespucci only shows these optional tags when you tap the button +ABC like I explained above.