Help with PlugIn

Namaste dear friends!

Two years before one of my students, Sergiu, wrote the app:


there one can download it:

Dont´t make mistake, this is NOT this app:

I checked the usability, the 1. App is faster in use than 2.

I tried to use app 1. for making of agriculture areas in Ilam. I know, this mapping would be done very fast using this app. Unfortunately the app doesn´t work with new JOSM.
Could one of you (I´m thinking especially about somebody from KLL stuff) fix it?

Have a nice day!

I worked with PlugIn nr.2 mentioned above because of no answer.
It helps also to close gaps between different areas.
It works nicely for situations like this:
We have there gaps between areas. In reality there are no gaps.

Please try to work with that, the map would look more nicely.

My friend Kendzi from Poland made changes on PlugIn 1. It should work now.