Help with multiple maps

Hi! I’m new using a Garmin GPS navigation system on my HTC Diamond 2. I’ve successfully installed it and currently tested it using a map of the Philippines where I’m currently at. I’ll be traveling with my family soon and soon after that will be living in Australia for 2 years.

I’ve downloaded a map of Australia and Italy in I executed the files, opened them in Mapsource and sent them to my unit. My problem is that I can’t see the maps, except for the Philippines. I can’t search addresses in Italy or Australia and can’t even see the countries/cities except for the Philippine map. I can, however, find the city of Melbourne in Where to>Cities when I spell the word Melbourne and can view the map. But I can’t seem to find me a route from point A to point B in Melbourne.

I hope someone can help me out. I’ve tried going all over the internet searching for answers from renaming gmapsupp, etc and it doesn’t work. I’ve downloaded the .img zip file that came with the compilation from file from as well and copied it to the Garmin folder and I still can’t get it to show the maps of Italy or Australia. I’m sure I ain’t doing something right.

Pleeeeeease HELP me!!! :slight_smile:

The map from the Philippines was also downloaded from

No I downloaded it in another Garmin forum in the Philippines.

If you say ‘can’t see the maps’ do you mean that you can’t see the maps in the map selection menu? Have you deselected any other map and just selected only the OSM map?

I can see them in the Tools>Manage My Data>Map Sets. But when I go to Where to>Addresses and search for an address in Melbourne nothing comes out. In fact even when I uncheck the Philippines map in Map source the “Philippine button” still appears in Where to>Address>Address search. When I hit Spell state no other country is listed except the Philippines.

Ah, regarding the searching: there is a known problem with the address search with maps generated using Mkgmap (a Garmin map maker specifically created for use with OpenStreetMap). The Garmin file format isn’t exactly understood at this point.

There are a few tricks that might work around the address search which depend on the properties of the used software/GPS device. You can try to search for a city first and then look for a streetname or another trick is to enter a default housenumber (e.g. 1). But nüvi owners (and maybe also some software solutions) keep asking for a state name which doesn’t have a solution yet.

Here are some pointers:
and (and further down)