Help with mkgmap: Why are points with the letter "T" all over my map?

Hello fellow OSMappers,

Why are there Points with the letter “T” all over my map (gmapsupp.img) I created with mkgmap? :open_mouth: Any hints welcome. Total n00b to map making :roll_eyes:

QMapShack v. 1.15.2

A bit background to my question.

I’m trying to to setup my own OSM map-build-pipeline. The Reason for this is, that I only want to Download OSM Data once and then “compile” the output for the devices I use myself. The reasons for this are:

  1. I usually travel a lot and unrated high bandwidth internet is not always available. So downloading once using on multiple devices is the way to go I think.
  2. I later want to be able to customize the rendering of the compiled maps.
    • Elevation lines like openmtb
    • POIs like freizeitkarte
    • and Track information like openmtb map

The devices I would like to cover are:

For now:

  • QMapShack (Linux)
  • Garmin Edge 705

For later:

  • Locus Maps Pro (Android)
  • OsmAnd pro (Android)
  • Garmin Fenix 5+

current build process

So far I have been able to compile a simple map (screenshot from qmapshack above) in the following manner:

java -jar ~/bin/splitter-r597/splitter.jar ~/Downloads/greece-latest.osm.pbf
  • generated boundries
osmosis \
     --read-pbf file=~/Downloads/greece-latest.osm.pbf outPipe.0=data1 \
     --read-pbf file=~/Downloads/greece-latest.osm.pbf outPipe.0=data2 \
     --tag-filter accept-relations boundary=administrative,postal_code inPipe.0=data1 outPipe.0=6 \
     --used-way inPipe.0=6 outPipe.0=7 \
     --tag-filter reject-relations inPipe.0=data2 outPipe.0=8 \
     --tag-filter accept-ways boundary=administrative,postal_code inPipe.0=8 outPipe.0=9 \
     --used-node inPipe.0=9 outPipe.0=10 \
     --used-node inPipe.0=7 outPipe.0=11 \
     --merge inPipe.0=10 inPipe.1=11 outPipe.0=12 \
     --write-pbf file=greece-boundaries.osm.pbf omitmetadata=true compress=deflate inPipe.0=12

java -cp ~/bin/mkgmap-r4591/mkgmap.jar greece-boundaries.osm.pbf bounds/

  • build gmapsupp.img
java -jar ~/bin/mkgmap-r4591/mkgmap.jar --route --add-pois-to-areas --bounds=bounds --index --gmapsupp 6324*.osm.pbf

The Result is on the Screenshot above. What are those “T” points all over the Map and how can I fix this “bug” in the map? Any hints welcome. This is my first try on building a map myself.

Happy new Year

After researching a lot more on the web I stumbled over the git repository for the openfietsmap

I figured, that using the mkgmap arguments that this map style used, would not hurt and is worth a try.

So… Using the default Style and the following commandline got rid of the 'T’s:

java -jar ~/bin/mkgmap-r4591/mkgmap.jar \
--name-tag-list=name:en,int_name,name,name:de,place_name \
--generate-sea=land-tag=natural=background \
--location-autofill=is_in,nearest \
--housenumbers --tdbfile --latin1 --code-page=1252 --show-profiles=1 \
--ignore-maxspeeds --min-size-polygon=4  --polygon-size-limits=17:2,15:0 \
--merge-lines --add-pois-to-areas --add-pois-to-lines --link-pois-to-ways \
--make-opposite-cycleways --process-destination --process-exits \
--preserve-element-order --keep-going --net --nsis --route \
--add-pois-to-areas \
--index --location-autofill=1 \
--style-file=default/ --gmapsupp -c template.args

The next task is to identify the arguments that do this “Magic”. When I identified them, I will post the result here, if anybody else on this Planet has a similar problem.