Help with Boundaries

Hello, I’m looking for help with the creation of boundaries within OSM. I’m from the Harrisburg PA area and there are several large townships that have no boundaries in OSM. Any idea why they would be missing or how to get the added/created?

I’m no expert. In my area they were put in with a tiger import about 10 yrs ago, and tweaked a few times since. If no one is actively adding admin boundaries in your area you may have to figure out how to do it yourself. See if you can get GIS data from the local government & figure out how to load it into josm. If the boundaries are a simple shape aligned along roads you could probably just draw it in. Read the wiki about boundary:administrative.
Or browse around on OSM, find some boundaries close by that are included in OSM, look at the history (I find JOSM much better for this than ID), send that user a msg.