Help to fix wrong postcode locator on Royal Mail Open Street


I need help with correcting the post code marker for my new home on the Open Street Map that is used on the Royal Mail post code finder website in the UK.

My house is a new build with a new post code and whilst the address is correct the marker on the map is completely in the wrong pace.

I have contacted Royal Mail directly and they have said they have no control of the content nor accuracy of the map, even though they are using the Open Street Map on their website.

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

Many thanks


I presume the Royal Mail will be using one of the regular updates of postcodes to place the marker (which will not be anything to do with us). These seem to be updated in a somewhat haphazard pattern: a little while ago we had a similar issue with new build flats near Mill Hill East station. One set of postcodes had been assigned and then replaced, and it was playing havoc with deliveries etc. Unfortunately although residents had been notified of the new postcodes, no-one else had!

I would double check what the findmyaddress site says for your postcode etc: this is pretty much as near as one can get to the best quality address data.

The other thing is if you live in a rural area the postcode marker may be some considerable distance from your house.

OpenStreetMap still only contains about 3-4 million UK addresses so it’s not something an official body would use for locating any address.