Help reverting a changeset

Can someone help reverting a complete changeset that I did please?

I thought it was a bit odd that a nearby village was missing, so went ahead and added a couple of residential roads and few features, only to find out that there must have been a network glitch at the time I looked and it really did already exist after all. So now we have two versions of the same place, so best thing to do is just delete my whole changeset.

It’s ref no 17260075 (“Village of Apethorpe, and roads leading to it”) if someone can help please.


Please ignore previous request. I’ve managed to manually undo my changes.

Glad you worked it out for yourself.

Just a note that this forum has extremely low traffic, especially for the UK. For this type of problem its probably best to be brave and use IRC (there is a wiki page with dedicated links) and go to #osm-gb.

There’ll usually be a couple of us around ready to revert changesets or help wrangle other oddities.


OK, thanks for the tip SK53. I’ll certainly take a look over there for other GB activity.

Thanks for replying.