Help out with relations

not that kind of relations :slight_smile: have enough trouble as it is… :stuck_out_tongue:

Could somebody help with river issue in Shah Alam Section 25 ( ?

I believe the whole area is colored blue (in JOSM) because of faulty multipolygon that describes the Sg Klang riverbank. I am not proficient enough to edit & understand that inner / outer thingy… ( despite the riverbank credited to my name, I just aligned the nodes but I didn’t create the multipolygon thing)

looking forward to your help.

No problem, everything is ok there. To avoid the leaking area click in JOSM on the relation and download all Elemenets. The leak will disappear.
Because the Klang River is not so realy long, I have packed all into one unit. You could also create multiple sections. But if you load only a very small area, you will have the same problem.

Keep on happy mapping