Help OSMF to switch to open source software

Would you like to see an OSMF powered by free and open source software? Join the FOSS Policy Committee to make this a reality!

What is this about? Where practical, the OSMF prefers using open and self-hosted software. This is documented in our FOSS Policy. However, some of the steps outlined in that document have not been fully implemented yet. In particular, we would like to:

  • Find out where closed software is currently used by the board or working groups, and why.

  • Identify suitable open alternatives.

The findings, as well as the evaluation process of software and services, should be transparently documented. Note that we do not impose software choices on working group volunteers – but if we offer practical and user-friendly solutions, we might just win people over. There are some existing services (e.g. our GSuite email service) which are very likely due for a replacement.

In our January meeting, the OSMF board has decided to tackle this kind of work with the help of committees, and I’ve been appointed to chair the FOSS Policy committee. Now I’m looking for volunteers – that is, you!

How to join? Just shoot me a message saying you’d like to help! :slight_smile:

I appreciate your efforts. Unfortunately, I currently do not have any capacity to assist.