HELP! My business is listed as a city!

Hi There!

My business, Harbour View, has been listed as a city on either this map editor or another that pushes to Facebook. This is rendering my business page un-taggable on Facebook, which is a huge issue for us! There is no city named Harbour View, Virginia. I managed to fix this issue once and get the page deleted through Facebook place editing, but the data is now coming from a 3rd party editor so I can’t fix it through Facebook. I don’t want to become an editor myself, so I’m hoping there is a kind editor out there that will help me!


On Facebook I only find a city called Harbor View (no u) but only as a link to placedigger. Could you point us to the respective FB page?

Actually, a place Harbor View has been maintained in OpenStreetMap for at least 10 years:

Do you mean to say this place does not exist under this name?

Can you give us a clue where your business is? Go to and zoom in where your business is, then copy what’s in the URL bar into a message here.

When I search “Harbour View” on Facebook, I find a page for Harbour View Events, located in Woodbridge, Virginia.
When I try to tag a photo, your company is not listed, but there is an other Harbour View company (besides many things named Harbour View), that I can tag.

I guess the problem is with FB, not data coming from OpenStreetMap. FB shows all objects that matches “Harbour View”, or “Harbor View”, but for some reason your company is not between them. This has nothing to do with the fact that there is or is not a placed named similarly

Maybe the information on is helpful ?

As a technical point, OSM does not push map data to anyone. I don’t use Facebook, but if they are using OSM data, they are pulling it.

I use Facebook to access a couple of things that aren’t accessible any other way (mainly support/announcements by the manufacturer of my mobile phone) and otherwise ignore it. But I have used it enough to note that where a page has an embedded map, it’s from Google. A little (very little) research I did a while ago indicated there was no official Facebook mechanism to embed OSM maps and that whilst there had been unofficial ways of doing it in the past they had been closed off (I suspect the change wasn’t aimed at blocking OSM but at further restricting what you can do on Facebook to only what Facebook wants you to do).

I suppose it’s possible they’re pulling data from OSM for some reason. But if they are, and the way they use that data is causing problems, it’s not OSM’s fault or responsibility to fix. I live in Cardigan. A lot of businesses around here have Cardigan in their name. It would be rather silly if OSM had to delete the town of Cardigan so that Facebook didn’t screw up their business pages. Also a little counter-productive, as Cardigan is heavily dependent upon tourism and has cycle/walking paths of the type beloved by OSM consumers.