Help me restore something

Just as I clicked submit, I noticed it said I had deleted a streetlamp etc. But it was already too late. I had already pushed submit.

But doesn’t show the things I deleted.

How can I find out and restore the things I deleted?

You didn’t delete any node in this changeset. You changed which is part of .

All I can tell from
is that I might have knocked it around a little, but it is still there.
But I recall I saw a message that I deleted something.

Anyway alas unlike a wiki, there apparently is no simple way to undo something from version 2 back to version 1.

OSMCha is good for analysing your changeset.
There you can see the street lamp you moved …

You can undo it manually with iD, revert tools (JOSM, scripts) may be too much in this case.