help me please .

Hey guys so im travelling to europe, i have a Garmin NUVI 1340 i need maps for it anyone here can guide me on how to download them ? thanks

Hi. Choose any map provider from the wiki

How to download: Find a hotel or public library with a PC that allows to plug the USB cable for the Garmin.
Download a gmapsupp.img into the Garmin folder. If you download separate maps for different countries you may face trouble that requires more work and more software.

Edit: In case you are still at home and have a PC: See e.g.

ok guys what one should i pick option here
Help: map selection Choose your map type:
Generic Routable
Generic Routable (new style)
Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite)
Generic Nautical (non-routable)
Transparent overlay with elevation contours

and here

Include a TYP file (Optional):

also how do i know that the map i download is up to date map??? are they regulary updated everytime or is these maps just generic for all time use and not been updated like new streets or shops etc… thanks for reply …

so which one should i choose i want an updated map for my garmin nuvi of whole europe, especially all the balkan countries . ?