Help map the South African Power Grid?

The South African power grid in OpenStreetMap is starting to look quite good: Open Infrastructure Map

There are many new wind & solar schemes in the works: List of Developments | SAHRA

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Hi Ffy,
Yes, I occasionally track South African power lines and have worked on a few of the new solar sites in the north west, but I’m not allocating much time. But if there is a campaign I can allocatetime and interest.

Mostly I’m pushing at capturing power lines in Kenya where there are some interesting HV lines and geothermal plants going in. I love geothermal as a power source. I’m waiting for new photography to capture a few gaps in the Kenya-Ethiopia HV line.

Also worked on the Congo-Zambia HV DC line and the Cahora-Bassa HV DC line from Songo MZ and the Joburg terminus.

Yes, I’m an infrastructure geek!

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