Help for map circulation rules in Venice (Italy)

Hi at all

I need some help to understand how is possible to map the new circulation rules through the waterways, decided by Venice commune.
The problem affect all the paddles and oar boats of no “traditional” design. We need to map the canals always free, the canals with limitation in certain hours and days, the parts outside the city that have a different jurisdiction and thus different circulation rules.
Any information about the tags to be used (or to be created) would be useful. A help from Italian speaking mappers would be good, to, especially if it is possible to organize a “mapping day”.

I think you can use some aspects of Conditional Restrictions to map the “limitation in certain hours and days”.
I fear that there are no tags yet to differentiate between the different boat-types. Maybe OpenSeaMap has something like that already ?

Thanks for info, I will look at your suggestion.
However the people helping us will gain a free kayak trip in Venice… but you must pay for the flight…:smiley:


If you can read German, the following threads are maybe helpful for you: