Help for a present: map with min & maxZoom, strict bounds & KML upload

Hi there,

I need a big help as I want to make a present for somebody very important to me. I create a website right now (Wordpress theme Twenty Twelve), which is part of my present. What is important is that I need a map on the front page. This map is different than google maps or OSM as I want to use my own polygons, which I create with a GIS software. So I thought I can simply add a plugin in wordpress which has all requirements I need to create my map. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case as all creators I messaged told me that their plugin is not able to fulfill my tasks. I hope somebody in the community can help me out here. I would also pay for the implementation of such functionalities on my website and, if wanted, I place your name or the name of your company on my website.

Now I want to explain what the map should be able to do:

1.) It should be able to let me import self-made shapefiles. It can be happen that this is a big data set of many MB as I will probably have more than 250 polygons. Perhaps I will also put an image inside too, which also can be very huge. I can change my shape files to KML files if necessary.

2.) Users should be able to click on each single polygon. When doing so, a popup window should be appearing, which is able to includes normal texts, one image and a link to another website or another page on my website.

3.) Users shouldn’t be allow to zoom in or out too far. So there should be the possibility for me as an admin to change the values of minZoom and maxZoom (in Google maps for instance).

4.) The user should also be restricted to an particular area, for instance just one country. As my polygons will represent counties of one country, my map would be only in one area. If the user tries to move beyond this country the map should stop this so that the user only can stay at my map area. To better understand what I mean in point 3 and 4 here is a link of a code which is able to do this in google maps:

5.) Other features beside my polygon shouldn’t be shown on the map. (Perhaps I just add a very huge picture for that, with low accuracy, which covers my whole area and lays behind my polygons but in front of the OSM content)

I hope somebody can help me creating this kind of map. And it should be finished at least until end of february / beginning of march, as I need the present until then.

Best regards


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