Help fixing OSM map in Sydney, Australia

Hi Team,

New to the world of OSM, but I recently bought a Tesla and I understand it uses OSM mapping.

Since driving I’ve noticed that for some reason a recently finalised highway turn off isn’t available, it doesn’t route in either direction through this particular turn off, even though it is the most optimal route. The road has been open now for maybe 2-3 months and so I suspect it just needs to be added per to allow traffic to flow to the connecting point.

Is there someone I can connect with to flag this? So it can be updated?

Any help appreciated. The road is the M8. Recently you can connect from the M5->M8->Rozelle Interchange exit, meaning there is a new exit from within the m8 that allows traffic to the Rozelle Interchange exit - this tunnel is also available in reverse path but also doesn’t route.

You can fix the map directly where you find issues, but for this specific route I’d be surprised if it was an OSM data issue. I’d suggest first check the routing on to confirm if OSM has the issue or not.

For example this route M5 → M8 → Anzac Bridge:

Thank you for the prompt response and guidance.

That’s a helpful insight into routing - the instructions don’t reflect the reality of the journey so I’ll need to see where in the journey it goes wrong and leave a note in both directions.

The route options (that you shared) maintain “keep left” throughout the end to end path, but when the Euston Rd exit appears in the M8 tunnel, you actually need to keep to the right two lanes in order to end up at Anzac - I’ll have a play with routes and see where it’s going astray

That’s interesting. You can either add a note to the map on or go in and Edit directly depending how involved you’d like to get.

I think you’re talking about the junction here Node: 4734423269 | OpenStreetMap

The OSM data looks correct as far as I can tell, the motorway junction and exit look okay and the way leading to the exit Way: ‪M8 Motorway Tunnel‬ (‪1227270597‬) | OpenStreetMap has the turn lanes marked as slight_left|slight_left|slight_right|slight_right so two to the left, two to the right.

It seems more likely that the routing engine is deciding that since you’re not actually taking the exit, then it opts to not announce anything.

You can see the OSRM route OpenStreetMap

and the GraphHopper route OpenStreetMap

both ignore the keep right, however the Valhalla route OpenStreetMap does show Keep right to take M8 at this exit.

So as far as I can tell there’s no data issue, it’s just how the routing engine you’re using is designed?

Yes, tis very interesting.

That is the junction indeed. Except really I would expect the routing engines to be overt in their description of left or right as when you approach that split it’s not clear from the signage that right actually takes you to Anzac, rather; the signage is parramatta which isn’t what you’d expect.

Realistically, I think it should be clear in keep left or keep right at that junction, even if you are “continuing on” which isn’t quite right.

As to the Tesla issue, the good news here is the road appears as do the route paths, but for whatever reason the Tesla instance of OSM doesn’t want to route that path in either direction, even when it’s in the tunnel or approaching the interchange. It doesn’t even provide it as one of the 3 route paths.

I’ll provide some feedback on the node and I’ll report to Tesla separately. It seems to be the only routing engine not getting it right now, which perhaps is as a result of legacy data or something.

You could also try mapping the signage with Relation:destination_sign - OpenStreetMap Wiki some routing engines use this data to replicate the signage drivers see within the navigation UI.

As a last resort there is also

just to add a bit of extra info, while Teslas do you the Valhalla routing service based on the OSM map they overlay the routing with google maps and ultimately the navigation data comes from mapbox. So what you see visually may not be part of the OSM map itself. Console #179 - Interview with Kevin and David of Valhalla - Open source routing engine for OSM ( . Teslas also use data from the tesla fleet. its not as simple as just using the “OSM map”. ill leave some reading material if you feel like learning about your teslas navigation, I personally am fascinated by routing algorithms. Tesla Third-Party Navigation Apps: You Don’t Have To Use Tesla App! ( Do Teslas Use Google Maps? Tesla Navigation Vs. Google Maps ( Does Tesla Use Google Maps for Their Navigation System? (

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