Help! Cant get any POIs when creating garmin .img


Please tell me what i’m doing wrong.
I want to create a small map (meanwhile I’m down to one POI fot testing ;)) with some tracks/streets and some POIs.
I’ doing the following.

-Import tracks ond POIs from gmx file in JOSM (POIs have to be imported via Babel. Is this a bug in JOSM?)
-Set Properties and save as .OSM
-create .img with mkgmap
-install in Bascamp with MapSetToolkit

my .osm looks like this:

My style file for points has following entry:

sport=bike_trail [0x2d0a resolution 10]

I call mkgmap with

java -jar mkgmap.jar --mapname=11449001 --levels=0:24,1:24,2:24,3:24,4:24,5:24 --style-file=MyStyle --keep-going --description=Bike_Tracks_Greece --gmapsupp --transparent infile.osm

I think the POI exists in the .img file scince sometimes when the mous is over the map i get an annotation with the name of the POI, but the POI itself is invisible.:confused:

WHY ???:o

Help would be apreciated.


my levels when calling mkgmap are a little unusual, but i want the poi to be visible at all zoomlevels.


You need to use --draw-priority=31 in order to see the map on top of all other maps, please remove --levels=0:24,1:24,2:24,3:24,4:24,5:24 because this makes no sense.
And try --transparent before --gmapsupp

Thanks a lot, that helped a big deal.
I get a POI with picture now, but only if I zoom in closer than 70 meters on the scale.
Is there a way to show the POI even if zooming out much further?


Did you remove --levels? The level 24 is the highest zoomlevel, so it is only visible when you zoom in very close.