HELP!!! about docker openmaptiles-server

I use docker to install OSM
command docker pull klokantech/openmaptiles-server
it start downloading and extracting.
Everything looks fine.
I use command docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/data -p 8088:80 klokantech/openmaptiles-server to start OSM and open my Browser visit ip:8088. It shows me “Existing MBTiles were found in the /data volume. The following file will be used:2017-07-03_china_beijing.mbtiles” , I click “continue” and “OPEN MAP SERVER” . IT REFUSE CONNECTION.
I don’t know whether I miss something or some process I did wrong.

You are not “installing OSM”, while klokantechs openmaptiles are to a large part generated from OSM data, that is exactly where the relationship stops.

In other words you should be discussing this with klokantech support.