Hello (New User)


Just dropping in to say hi. I’m an expat living in KL (4 years so far) - so I’ll be trying to update areas I’m familiar with as I go. Mostly around my condo :smiley:

– Craig

Hi Craig,

I’m also new to this forum but not OSM.

Hi! Good to see new faces hanging around this forum. Feel free to discuss anything! :smiley:

Well, KL can benefit from your edits, I suppose. Seriously, KL needs some uplifts here and there. I could only help through armchair mapping and probably a short visit in the future – but people like you is seriously important: confirmations direct from the ground.

Anyway, welcome to the (small-ish) Malaysian OSM community. Enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

So apparently I have to subscribe to my own topic for emails about replies :smiley:

Just popping back to say thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to OSM community!
Feel free to happy mapping and intro OSM to your friends :smiley: