Hello from NE England

Hi I am a new member and I am looking forward to using and adding data to this project :slight_smile:

I am a keen mountain biker and was delighted to find http://openmtbmap.org/ and http://www.opencyclemap.org/

I am hoping to use my Nokia 95 8GB for mapping roads and routes. So if anyone has any advice on using this phone as a mapping tool, then please let me know.

Also keen to here from other MTBers that are using the project :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,


This forum is not as active as some other communication channels, so its also take a look at the contact page on the wiki, and browsing some of the mailing lists (e.g., talk-gb, newbies).

A very useful tool for seeing who is mapping local to you (and what’s new) is the OSM Mapper (registration required) at http://www.itoworld.com.

Some mappers also have personal pages on the wiki and may indicate which GPS they use, so these are probably worth looking at.

There’s plenty of work to do in your neck of the woods. Although Sunderland was part of a concerted mapping party in the spring it still has a fairly low completion percentage. Middlesborough has lots of roads missing, although I hope to add a few in a couple of weeks time when I’m up there for a wedding. All the back country of the Pennines and the North York Moors could do with more input: quite a lot of the roads will have probably been done from the NPE map layer on Potlatch. Laying down GPS tracks is really useful to improve the alignment of these features.

Its also worth finding an area which has been pretty thoroughly mapped for the type of things you’re interested in. Check out how its been tagged and you’ll have a good idea of what works effectively.

Lastly, have fun!

Hi thanks for your reply.

Signed up with ITO and will subscribe to the talk-gb mailing list.