Hello From La Crescenta

(which will be good news for the guy from San Gabriel – howdy neighbor!)

OK, took my first few tentative steps in mapping today – happened to have a track from my trip to Ireland last month handy, so I loaded that up and saw at least one “side street” off the main highway wasn’t filled in (leading to the hotel where I stayed the first night) so I added that street and the hotel (probably not so much of a concern for United States users, but hey, it was a start…)

then, since I actually had my GPS in the car, I took a walk around the park-and-ride lot surrounding the UA cinema under the freeway connector between the 2 and 210. Of course, I’m not so sure it was strictly necessary since, from what I understand, we CAN use the “image” provided by yahoo, right? The track I took was pretty much right on, though due to shadows/reflections of the signal from the overpasses, a couple of spots were a little funky (I noticed as I walked UPHILL, the altitude reading on my GPS indicated I was going DOWNHILL, but since altitude readings aren’t used on the map per se, that’s a somewhat moot point) – I did, however, wait anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute or more at each “vertex” that I mapped so the WAAS could settle in. The only points that were really off, even with that, were PNR4 and PNR9, but both of those were “really close” to the overpass or a pylon, so… (of course, re-reading this before posting, I realized that the point names I added to the GPS didn’t actually load with the track, so you probably won’t actually know where PNR4/PNR9 are, will you?)

anyway, I also added the theater and surrounding restaurants - I’d appreciate it if someone would “check my work” and let me know what I can/should to do improve this “area”


specifically, I’d like to indicate what KIND of restaurants these are (one’s chinese, the other italian - goldsteins and starbucks should be fairly self explanatory) The only place I didn’t actually “note” was the AT&T wireless store - just not high enough on my interest level :wink:

I used Potlatch to do the work, while I eventually figured it out, the key word here is “eventually” - as a former math teacher of mine would say regarding the user interface/usability, “needs work”…

(BTW: it took me the longest time to realize that in order to “see” anything other than the stray/odd “feature” that somehow actually got rendered on the main map(s), you have to turn on the DATA layer - something for the “docs” I suppose…)

Not in San Gabriel but in Colorado Springs.
As you see, the US section is really crowded.

What you have done looks good. :smiley:

Correct. And I have found them to be very, very close to my GPS tracks.

Use cuisine=* with *=Chinse, Italian, Greek, whatever
See this → http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features

That likely has to do with the number of satellites you are receiving and where they are.

alright! lets get some gpx tracks up and fix this mess!