Heads up: highway 33

The renumberers have been busy. Highway 359 has now become 33. I have only ridden a short section of it on either side of the 32, so I don’t know whether it has changed to 33 over the entire length.

I keep finding numbered tertiary roads that have been changed, too.

When changing numbers I usually keep the old ones as old_ref and add a comment, because all other maps I have seen still show the old numbers and so some people may be tempted to change them back.


I agree that keeping the old_ref for a while makes sense.

Was it Mishari being involved in getting open data? Maybe we can get access to the updates? I am quite certain that they are published somewhere.


Yes, I see road ref changes all over the Country now, and I too, use the old_ref tag.
The DOH Roadnet indicates the 33 starts at the Junction with Hwy 340, and runs some 300km East to the border with Cambodia, if it helps.

Yes, it does, thanks Russ. I can now renumber the entire road with confidence. The part E of h’way 1 is already 33.

I guess they will upgrade it to DC in bits and pieces and perhaps even add a proper jct. with the 32, where currently you have to do two left turns and a U turn.