Havoc in Puerto Rico

Hello everyone!

While repairing errors on Maproulette I stumbled upon something strange in Puerto Rico. A new user Step7anie is working intensively around city Peñuelas.

Please look at this way:
http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/256766123 - it’s straight at most of its length. Comparing with Bing aerial picture, it seems the user accidentally made the line straight (like pressing L in JOSM, though I don’t know how’s it done in iD).

Please check her edits, if no one knows what other damage this newbie could have done on secondary road network, I think it would be best to make a revert. Also, Step7anie is uploading changeset without comment - it might even be a vandal.

Hello There,

Step7anie is very new to OSM having joined three days ago and made 18 edits of varying sizes. Having looked at some of the edits I would not in any way think it’s vandalism.
The secondary highway could well be a mistake as you say by this novice mapper. It’s very easy to put right manually rather than reverting, you might even correct some of the original mapping. However looking at other edits they have made one sees numerous other mistakes. Large residential blocks tagged as building=house, large land areas tagged building=apartments, in general the mapping seems untidy to say the least. But this is the first effort to map buildings on the island.

I think the best thing for you to do is try to contact Step7anie with a view to help them map more proficiently.