Have aerial photo and precise GPS coordinates, would anybody map this?

This is just a first start. I have many more aerial photographs, GPS coordinates, and tracks. But I’m not into mapping (yet). The question is, if I deliver the raw data, would anybody else with experience in mapping do that part?

Here is the first example, a very important petrol station in upcountry Kenya, important, because it is far and wide the last one on the way north.

Name of the petrol station: Mogotio (after the nearby settlement of the same name)

The aerial photograph: http://michna.com/kenya2009/images/p1110056p.jpg

The travel report that contains it: http://michna.com/kenya2009/#tb

The coordinates of the center of the petrol station: S0.02086 E35.96450 or S0 01.252 E35 57.870

A higher-resolution photo is also available. I will email it on request.

The source of the information is myself. I took the aerial photograph, I regularly fill my tank there, and I took the GPS coordinates. I am willing to release the photo unconditionally into the public domain.

I’ll take a shot at it. I’ve put the petrol station on the map using your coordinates allready. It appears there are fairly good Bing aerials of the area (since not all of the buildings on your photo is visible, apparently a bit dated though) and most roads in the area have allready been traced by other people.

Great, thanks (in the name of all users :-)!

Wouldn’t it be nice if one could click on the map and see the photo? Well, not really important.

I added the tag image=http://michna.com/kenya2009/images/p1110056p.jpg to the fuel station. I’m not sure whether that does any good, but you could try and have a look at openstreetview.org.

Great, thanks again! I don’t see anything yet in OpenStreetView, but perhaps it takes a little time.